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Episode 3: Countin' on a Miracle
January 30, 2010 05:40 PM PST
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School is in session! In the first of three assignment shows, Jason attempts to convince BJ that "The Departed" is a better film than "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer," while BJ bangs his head against the fact that Jason likes "Mary's Place" better than "My City of Ruins." Will this be the episode that tears Experts and Intermediates apart? or will the boys spend 56 minutes agreeing with each other and celebrating their own genius in a fairly insufferable (but still kinda cute) way? The Scorsese hits the fan, starting now!

Episode 1: They Mostly Come Out at Night...Mostly
January 30, 2010 04:46 PM PST
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Our First, extra-long episode! LISTEN as BJ and Jason recount their epic adventure at the Killers concert (and explain why the band is so much more than "frat-rock")! MARVEL at the audacity of BJ putting "Leon: The Professional" in his Top 5 Action Movies! EXPERIENCE the thrill of Jason's totally accurate description of Dracula as a "date-rape novel"! WONDER how these two self-proclaimed "experts" can fit into the same room as their egos! This begins the (bi)weekly journey of two men trying to educate each other in film, music, literature, television, comic books and more!

*Episode 2: Will We Be Infected? (The Bay Days of Summer)
March 09, 2009 09:54 AM PDT
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Michael Bay is a criminal. Criminals are HOT!!!
Can it be so? Have BJ and Jason had a religious awakening via Michael Bay? Has he unfairly been the brunt of too many jokes, including our own? Well... put it this way: Ice Cube once said, "My jimmy runs deep... so deep, put your butt to sleep." If you remove the word "jimmy" and replace it with "Jason and BJ's hatred for Michael Bay," you've got a pretty good idea what the first installment of EaI's "Will We Be Infected?" is all about. Join the boys as they torture themselves by watching four of the Bay-Man's greatest hits over a 24-hour period, all in the name of science, entertainment, and Ben Affleck. The social experiment of the century begins here!

Experts and Intermediates: The Final Countdown
January 13, 2009 09:53 PM PST
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A day which shall live in infamy. We've packed our bags, we've cleaned out the EaI studios, and we're moving on with life. But first! It is only fitting that BJ and Jason tag-team it for one final, knock-down, drag-out episode. To reveal the topic here, dear listeners, would be to blow your minds. It is epic, it is audacious, and it is three episodes long. That's right. Clear your schedule. Take the day off from work, lock yourself in a dark room with an ipod and takeout. And prepare yourself for the Top 10 List to end all Top 10 Lists.